Nelson, BC small businesses you want to know about

Nelson BC has a strong community culture that is evident in its abundance of successful local businesses. This local flavour is one of the factors that shape Nelson’s uniquely charming identity. Adding to that, of course, are its picturesque mountain terrain, colourful heritage, and a teeming arts and culture scene. Here are some small businesses that enthrall the day-to-day lives of both locals and tourists.

  1. Oso Negro Coffee Company

Ask any Nelson local their 3 favourite cafes in town, and you will surely find Oso Negro in the list. Founded in 1993, this artisanal coffee shop has perfected the art and science of roasting and brewing. The cafe opens its space to foster an enduring community spirit through great food, friendly interaction, and, of course, some real honest-to-goodness coffee.

  1. Nelson Brewing Company

Founded in 1991, Nelson Brewing Company takes pride in crafting organic beer that has become an essential part of the Kootenay lifestyle. This local brewer commits to environmental sustainability by adhering to organic principles in every step of the beer-brewing process, making every refreshing pint of beer even more delightful. 

  1. Pixie Candy Shoppe

The iconic candy shoppe has been a fun place for both kids and adults to pop into on the must-do Baker Street stroll. For over 15 years they have been sourcing rare candies from around the world and bring them to the lovely people and tourists of Nelson. Hot tip: A world class selection of fudge and excellent ice cream for a hot day!

  1. Kootenay Co-op

This co-op is a one-stop shop that bridges the gap between farmers, producers, workers, and consumers. Located on the famed Baker Street, Kootenay Co-op is a treasure-trove of natural and organic produce, local and European cheeses and tapas, and even handcrafted wellness products such as health drinks and skincare products.

  1. Kokanee Mountain Zipline

This Zipline is whole of fun and great way to get yourself into the beautiful nature surrounding Nelson. Locally owned, experiencing a zipline like this is a total thrill and can help even those who are not so adventurist embody the active culture surrounding The Kootenay’s.

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